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  • Welcome to the world of poker!

    gPoker is an open, client/server based poker system for playing over the 'net. The server is developed in C using the GLib and GNet libraries. There will be clients for GNOME as well as Win32.

    Would you like to help? Or just try it out? Please do! A good start is to join the developers mailing list, download the source code and build it. I use Linux but most other real OS's will surely work fine too.

    You can download the files on the left which are subsets of the code and documents.

    Another way is to check out the code from the CVS server. Type the following:
    cvs login
    After anonymously logging in:
    cvs -z8 co gpoker

    To build the software you also need the GLib and GNet libraries.

    Please send me a comment by mail and say what you think about it. If you're still interested, please also join the mailing lists.

    Written in VI SourceForge Logo
    The gPoker software is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
    Contact the webmaster.